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About the wiki

The wiki is all about the game DRIV3R, commonly known as Driver 3.
The wiki will accept articles on other games or things in the Driver series, but we request you focus on DRIV3R topics and to keep the other Driver articles down.

Wiki News

No current news.

What to do

  • More images to be added to the wiki.
  • Expand on description.
  • Fill in all information of missions.
  • Walkthrough Videos and content to be added onto mission articles.

Helping out

Want to help us out, but now sure where to get started or what to do? See the Forum or the Community Portal.


  • A list of all help pages can be found at Category:Help, you can also contact Ryan or Elassint for help.
  • If we can't help you, and the question is related to MediaWiki, bugs or other things not about this wiki in particular, you might want to contact Wikia staff and they should be able to help you.


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